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An electric chair for stairs, commonly known as a stairlift, is a unique motorized chair that travels along a rail mounted to the stairs.
Electric stair chairs are not just for the elderly. These chair lifts help anyone with mobility issues (e.g. someone after surgery) move safely and comfortably between different levels of their home.

Electric stair chairs in the UK

We’ve been selling electric stair chairs for years and have a wide selection of models in our online store and in our offline warehouses, so give us a call if you want to install one on your stairs.

How electric stair chairs work

Stairlifts are powered by direct electricity and backed up by rechargeable batteries.

The electric stair chair has a motor that drives it up and down the rail, securely attached to the staircase. Because the installation is usually pretty straightforward, any staircase can host an electric chair lift.

How electric stair chairs works

This allows users to navigate stairs without the physical strain and risk of falling.

Modern chair stairlifts come with various features to enhance safety and convenience.

These features may include seat belts, remote controls, swivel seats for easy dismounting, and advanced safety sensors that stop the lift if an obstacle is detected on the stairs.

Types of electric chairs for stairs

Types of electric chairs for stairs

There are different types of stairlifts available to suit various staircase configurations.

Straight stairlifts are designed for stairs that go directly from one floor to another without curves.

Curved stairlifts are custom-made to fit staircases with bends, turns, or intermediate landings.

Standing stairlifts - these don’t necessarily work as chairs anymore, but they are invaluable for anyone who has trouble bending knees or sitting down.

Electric chair for stairs cost and pricing


Electric chair pricing Overview

Electric chairs for stairs are a great tech solution to make your home more accessible and friendly. The best part is, these devices are affordable and easy to buy online.

The cost of electric stairlifts or chair lifts for stairs, can vary widely depending on the type of stairlift, whether it is new or pre-owned, the complexity of the installation, and any additional features or customizations.

Generally, prices can range from £1,500 to £10,000 or more.

Straight stairlifts are typically the most affordable option for staircases without curves or landings. These models usually cost between £1,500 and £4,000. The simplicity of their design and installation contributes to their lower price point.

Curved stairlifts are more expensive and usually custom-made to fit staircases with curves, turns, or intermediate landings. The cost for these models can reach £7,000 or higher. The increased price is due to the need for precise measurements and custom manufacturing to ensure a perfect fit.

Additional features and customizations can also impact the overall cost of an electric stair chair.

Installation costs are also significant - double-check your electric chair installation terms.

While some companies include installation in the price of the stairlift, others may charge an additional fee.

Professional installation is a must - the stairlift has to operate safely and efficiently, so don’t go for anyone doing it DIY.

Many companies offer financing options, and sometimes, insurance plans may cover part of the cost. There are also government grants for free electric stairlifts, but from our experience, we can say that hunting for grants has no guarantees—you may end up finding a great deal on a reconditioned electric chair lift.

If you want to get the best deal on an electric chair for your home stairs, call us today. A professional agent will guide you through the current offers that are best suited to your mobility needs.

Top electric stair chair models

Top electric stair chair models

One of the top electric stair chair models is the Stannah Siena. Known for its reliability and comfort, the Siena features a slimline design that fits most staircases. It offers a smooth and quiet ride, ensuring a pleasant experience for users. The chair has various safety features, including a seatbelt, obstruction sensors, and a swivel seat for easy dismounting.

The Handicare 1100 is another excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality stairlift. This model has a compact rail, which takes up minimal space on the staircase. We’ve got both new and reconditioned items from this line.

The Bruno Elite is a top-tier model that combines elegance with functionality for those looking for a more luxurious option. It features a plush, padded seat and armrests, providing maximum comfort. The electric stairlift is designed to handle both straight and curved staircases, and it’s ready for heavy-duty work, too.

The Acorn 130 is a popular model because it is affordable and very easy to install on straight staircases without the need for structural modifications.

Call us today if you want us to match you with the most suitable stairlift model for your home.

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