Glide Platform Lifts

Meet the Glide Horizontal Platform Lift from Affordable Stairlifts. Designed for every straight step, whether indoors or outdoors, it's your key to smooth mobility. It has easy-to-use controls, top-notch safety features, and a sleek, resilient design.

Say hello to the Glide Horizontal Platform Lift from Affordable Stairlifts: your perfect partner for breezing up a single flight of stairs. This nifty lift fits smoothly onto any staircase, indoors or out.

With easy controls and top-notch safety features for worry-free rides, its sleek design includes a dependable braking system and customisable driving modes for smooth sailing.

Whether you're at home or work, our Glide offers a quick and hassle-free way to move between floors. It's the ideal mix of practicality and style, brought to you by Affordable Stairlifts.

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Are you tired of battling the stairs? Imagine effortlessly floating across floors with no hitch. Introducing the Affordable Stairlift's Glide Horizontal Platform Lift, the perfect solution! This revolutionary system fits easily on any stairway, inside or out, and ensures smooth floor transitions.

At Affordable Stairlift, your safety is our priority. That's why our Glide is designed for your peace of mind, with a strong braking system for smooth operation and user-friendly controls that keep you always in control.

Whether for your home or office, you'll love the customisable driving modes that adapt to your unique requirements. Need to change the speed or mode? It's a breeze with automatic powered arms and a smooth incline.

So, it’s time to experience convenience and reliability like never before with the Glide Horizontal Platform Lift from Affordable Stairlifts!

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Where Comfort Meets Your Signature Style

We've thought of everything to ensure a smooth riding experience. When not in use, the low-profile design allows simple access to the stairway, and the folding option frees up routes for others.

So, why explore the Glide today? Experience the perfect combination of convenience, reliability, and style!

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Peace of mind with our 3-year warranty

At Affordable Stairlifts, we believe in the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our beloved customers. That's why we proudly offer an extensive 3-year warranty on the Glide.

This industry-leading warranty covers both parts and labour, protecting your investment against unexpected repairs. With our dedicated customer support team always ready to assist, you can rest assured that your Glide platform lift will continue to serve you reliably for years.

Your must-have guide: Standout features you'll adore

Let's see how our features can improve your mobility experience in ways you've never imagined!

User-Friendly Storage

Easily folds away for storage, ensuring others have clear access when not in use.

Smooth Exits

No obstacles or tripping hazards for hassle-free departures.

Automatic Ease

Enjoy effortless access and exit with automated powered arms.

Easy Boarding

Get on and off smoothly and effortlessly.

Simple Controls

Conveniently located buttons and a backlit digital display for easy operation.

Secure Access

Includes two lockable remote controls for security and peace of mind.

What We're Known For

At Affordable Stairlifts, we're dedicated to providing the best stairlift experience. Here's what we're known for:

Easy to use
Safe and reliable
High-quality materials

We're committed to making your life easier and more comfortable.

Technical details

Here are the dimensions and details of the Glide Horizontal Platform Lift:

Horizontal Width (body) 750mm
Arm Length 900mm
Overall Height (arm up) 1830mm
Overall Height (from floor) 1100mm
Overall Depth (platform down) 1060mm
Platform Details
Platform Width 800mm
Platform Length 1000mm
Platform Length (ramps down) 1445mm
Folding Dimensions:
Overall Depth (folded) 300mm
Additional Construction Details:
Carriage Steel with Baked 780°–200° electrostatic coating
Rail High-quality 304 stainless steel pipe
Legs Powder-coated galvanised steel

The details will ensure the Glide fits comfortably and efficiently into your space, providing functionality and convenience.

Check out what other choices we have for you.

Choose between wall and floor mounting options.
Foldable seat for enhanced versatility.
Opt for left-hand or right-hand operation.
Select from various sizes to suit your needs.
Customise with a colour that matches your style.
The middle flap supports up to 300 kg and is easily accessible from the front.
Add an extra remote control for added convenience.
Protect your investment with our exterior weatherproofing.

Glide: Your Premier Choice—Here's Why

Easy Installation : Sets up quickly on any staircase—no fuss!
Tailored Driving Modes : Choose modes that fit your style and preferences.
Built to Last and Supported by Us : Designed to endure regular maintenance, our customer support team is always here to assist.
Fits Any Staircase : Works seamlessly on curved, spiral, indoor, and outdoor staircases.
Covered and Supported : Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty and dedicated customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Can the Glide Horizontal Platform Lift be installed outside?

Indeed, the Glide Horizontal Platform Lift's weather-resistant construction allows for both indoor and outdoor installation. It is designed to function smoothly and safely in different weather conditions.

⭐ In what ways does the Glide platform lift adapt to different stair layouts?

The Glide platform lift is adaptable and may be tailored to accommodate various staircase designs, including curved and spiral stairs. Our staff can examine your unique needs to find the perfect match.

⭐ What safety features does the platform lift include?

Safety is a top priority. Our platform lift has safety sensors, emergency stop buttons, and sturdy railings. These ensure safe operation and give you peace of mind.

⭐ How easy is it to operate the Glide platform lift?

Operating our platform lift is a breeze. It's designed with intuitive controls, like conveniently placed buttons and a simple digital display. Plus, we offer training and guidance right from the installation to ensure you're comfortable using it.

⭐ What maintenance does the Glide Horizontal Platform Lift need?

Regular maintenance keeps your Glide in top shape. This includes occasional inspections, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring all safety features are in place. Our helpful customer support team is always ready to assist with any maintenance queries or needs you may have.

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