Echo Platform Lifts

We are introducing our latest addition to the family, Affordable Stairlift’s Echo Vertical Platform Lift. This stylish and sleek lift makes it a breeze whether you need to move between floors inside or outside your home. We’ve designed the Echo to be super customisable and built to last, fitting perfectly into any space. It’s high time you say goodbye to the hassle of stairs and enjoy smooth, easy access. Experience a new level of convenience with our Echo!

We understand you need a comfortable lift that seamlessly blends with your home’s aesthetic. That’s where our Echo comes in!

Introducing the Echo Vertical Platform Lift, our latest innovation for effortless indoor and outdoor transitions. Switching between levels has always been challenging.

Customised to suit your style, the Echo is crafted with high-quality materials like steel and tempered glass, ensuring durability and a virtually maintenance-free experience.

If you need stress-free stairs or a solution for other vertical challenges, the Affordable Stairlift's Echo is a popular and solid option.

Go ahead and add a touch of luxury to your home's accessibility since you deserve nothing less than the finest in comfort and design. The Echo takes convenience to a whole new level!

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Here's to your journey to freedom and independence: the Affordable Stairlift's Echo Vertical Platform Lift product!

Are you sick of having stairs in your house that look like a limitation? Do you want to be able to enjoy your complete environment, indoors and out, without limitations? We've got the perfect solution! The Echo's sleek, simple, and elegant design will transform your daily life.

Imagine moving from one floor to another quickly, without breaking a sweat. The Echo's versatile design blends seamlessly into your home, complementing your unique style and decor.

But it's more than simply utility; it's about personalisation! You can create the Echo with customisable choices to meet your needs and tastes. Do you want a specific colour or finish? Not a problem!

Try Echo if you are ready to elevate your living experience to another level. You can quickly improve your home's style while also increasing mobility. It's time to make your home a true reflection of your individuality!

So, why wait? Get ready to enjoy the thrill of seamless accessibility with the Affordable Stairlift's Echo Vertical Platform Lift. Order today and experience a world where comfort meets style!

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Get 3-year Warranty

At Affordable Stairlifts, we're proud to offer you more than just a product; we love to deliver exceptional quality and reliability to our customers. Our comprehensive 3-year warranty on your Echo platform lift is the cherry on top.

Our warranty is designed to give you complete confidence in your investment. It covers all aspects of the Echo, including parts and labour. This means you can enjoy your platform lift without worrying about the what-ifs, knowing any issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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With our 3-year warranty, you can:

Have peace of mind knowing that your Echo is protected
Avoid unexpected repair costs
Enjoy hassle-free maintenance and support
Focus on living life to the fullest without worrying about your platform.

At Affordable Stairlifts, we stand behind the quality of our products and services. Our 3-year warranty is a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The Easiest Way to Get Around Your Home

Getting around your home should be a breeze, not a hassle. Our Echo brings us our dedicated level call buttons to make it easy and convenient for you to get where you need to go.

Easy Entry, Easy Ride

We’ve got the most accessible gates and ramps for getting in and out of the lift, whether walking or rolling. No more fumbling with complicated controls or worrying about making a mess—we've covered it.

Secure Lockdown

Safety first! Our bolt-lock system keeps the gate securely shut while you're on the move, giving you peace of mind with every ride. You can relax knowing that everything is locked up tight and secure.

Control Central

All the controls are at your fingertips! Echo’s LED buttons are easy to use, even in the dark, and the latest design makes it simple to navigate the lift.

Mechanical Marvels

Don't worry about getting stuck! Our innovative design keeps the working parts safe and free from blockages, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring a hassle-free ride.

Easy Exit, No Stress

All done? No problem! When you arrive at your destination, the gate will unlock automatically, allowing you to exit quickly.

What We're Known For

At Affordable Stairlifts, we're dedicated to providing the best stairlift experience. Here's what we're known for:

Easy to use
Safe and reliable
High-quality materials

We're committed to making your life easier and more comfortable.

Echo Lift Specifications

Safety and Speed
Feature Specification
Emergency Brake Speed 0.15 m/s
Motor Power 75W
Travel Range 500mm to 2m
Drive System Hydraulic (Scissor Mechanism)
Weight Capacity 250kg
Power Requirements 220V-50Hz
Total Dimensions (Including Well)
Feature Specification
Width 1020mm
Length 1320mm
Rail Height 810mm
Gate Width 840mm
Well Depth 250mm
Platform Size
Feature Specification
Width 920mm
Length 1220mm

Additional Features

Stop mechanism
Protective baffles
Well drainage system
Free-fall prevention mechanism
Safety locking button
Release valves to prevent trapping

Explore More Options:

Left or right opening gates
Front-access configuration
Ramp option for raised wells
Anti-slip cover for safety
Custom colour choices

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Is the Echo platform lift right for indoor and outdoor use?

Absolutely. The Echo platform lift is flexible and designed to work well indoors and outdoors. The Echo is a safe option whether you need to walk between levels in your house or explore outside places like porches or gardens.

⭐ How customisable is the Echo platform lift?

The Echo platform lift provides several customisation choices for your unique needs and tastes. You can choose between left—and right-opening gates for accessibility, a simplistic front-access layout, and different colours to match your home decor. These customisation options let you design the lift to fit smoothly into your living area.

⭐ Can the Echo platform lift support different heights and elevations within a building?

Yes, the Echo platform lift is meant to offer access at various heights and levels within a building. Its travel distance is 500mm to 2m, making it appropriate for short and tall vertical motions.

⭐ How energy efficient is the Echo platform lift?

The Echo platform lift is energy-efficient and operates on a regular 220V-50Hz circuit. With consistent performance and energy efficiency, its hydraulic drive technology gradually reduces operating expenses.

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