Modern Stairlifts in Northern Ireland - The Shopping Guide

Stairlifts in Northern Ireland

If you are a resident of any part of Northern Ireland and it's time for you or your loved ones to get a home stairlift, this guide is for you. We've been matching and installing stairlifts nationwide for years and know how this industry works.

We'll go over the significant steps of getting a stairlift in Northern Ireland in 2024, so scroll down for our practical tips - or book a free call from one of our reps while you read!

Purchasing a stairlift in Northern Ireland - the timeline

Buying a stairlift in Northern Ireland involves careful planning, research and multiple decision-making stages.

Assess your home & staircase

You may have to have your home assessed by a trained professional to determine the type of stairlift that best suits your staircase.

Your stairs are the most essential aspect to consider. The design and layout of every staircase are unique, and while many modern models are universal, tailoring a solution is the best way to go.

The width of the stairs also matters as it dictates the type of stairlift that can be installed - there are narrow staircase lifts, discrete curved stairlifts, or larger and simpler straight stairlifts.

Most stairlift suppliers in Northern Ireland offer a free home evaluation service, so you won't be stuck Googling for instructions on measuring your staircase.

Prepare the budget

Once your needs have been assessed, you need to consider your budget and determine the type of stairlift that fits within it. Whether you opt for a new or reconditioned stairlift or decide to rent, all of that will affect your stairlift costs.

Various brands, such as Stannah Stairlifts, Handicare, Acorn Stairlifts, and Otolift, offer a range of types and models that cater to all kinds of needs and budgets.

Stairlifts in Northern Ireland - Prepare the budget

Also, consider the warranty that comes with your stairlift. Get a model that provides comprehensive coverage and reliable customer support in the event of any mechanical issues.

Make sure the stairlift can accommodate the user's weight. Different models have different maximum capacities, so find one to support the user securely.

Compare prices from different providers, and don't hesitate to negotiate and ask for deals. For instance, we always have popular stairlifts to offer you, both new and reconditioned - so give us a call and see if we have a suitable model for your home!

Check for Northern Ireland stairlift grants and charities

Check for Northern Ireland stairlift grants and charities

If you need financial assistance to get a stairlift, we can tell you from experience that there are no guarantees, but you can still check several options.

Some government schemes and forms of financial assistance can offset the cost of installing a stairlift for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

The most noteworthy of all the possible government assistance is the Disability Living Allowance (DLA). This is a fund set aside for people with disabilities to aid in their mobility needs, including the purchase and installation of stairlifts. To be eligible for this, you must showcase a need for assistance and go through all the application and qualification procedures.

There's also the Attendance Allowance granted specifically to individuals aged 65 and above who might need help with personal care due to physical disability. Although it doesn't cover mobility needs like stairlifts directly, it's a source of extra income that you could use towards your stairlift expenses.

Beyond that, The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) offers Grants for stairlifts to homeowners and private renters if eligible. The Home Improvement Grants are means-tested and could cover up to 100% of the cost, depending on your circumstances.

Alternative charitable financial assistance like Motability, a scheme that allows persons with disabilities to use their mobility allowances to lease mobility equipment, might also be worth considering.

Remember, while these avenues exist, eligibility varies.

You must make many calls and apply before you get meaningful results. Sometimes, gaining a good deal on a reconditioned stairlift will bring you to your goals faster.

Top Stairlift Brands in Northern Ireland

Top Stairlift Brands in Northern Ireland

There are many excellent brands to choose from in 2024. What is the best stairlift brand in Northern Ireland? According to our experience, your choice comes down to the following brands:

Acorn Stairlifts

An industry-leading brand, Acorn Stairlifts is famous for fast, efficient installation and robust, reliable products. Acorn models are flexible enough to accommodate complex staircase configurations.


The Handicare brand is famous for offering a comprehensive range of stairlifts that fit all staircases. They are firmly committed to safety and innovation, often exceeding the necessary standards.

Stannah Stairlifts

Consumers trust and respect this brand worldwide. Stannah Stairlifts offers a broad range of modern stairlift models, top-tier quality, and innovative design. Each stairlift is designed for maximum comfort, reliability, and user-friendly controls.


A high-quality Dutch manufacturer, Otolift has built a solid reputation for stairlifts that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Their modern models make a minimal impact on the decor while providing a safe, comfortable, and efficient mode of ascending or descending stairs.

Pick your provider

Pick your provider - Stairlifts in Northern Ireland

After settling on a specific stairlift, or at least stairlift type, you must pick where you will shop for a stairlift.
Northern Ireland has several reliable retailers, and we do our best to stand out for quality service and affordability.

Affordable Stairlifts is a trusted retailer of stairlifts in Northern Ireland. We are well known for our top-notch customer service and competitive pricing - and we don't compromise on quality.

We stock various stairlifts from leading brands and can help you find a model ideally suited to your needs and budget, even if we don't list one in our shop.

Call us today or request a free quote online, and we'll get to you with a competitive stairlift offer!

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