Stairlifts for Northampton Residents: Unveiling the Best Choices

More and more Northampton residents with mobility issues decide to install stairlifts in their homes. Whether you or your loved ones have difficulty going up the stairs due to a medical condition, old age, or temporary surgery, a stairlift offers a simple and flexible solution to these problems.

Stairlifts for Northampton

The model features, weight capacity, and costs can differ significantly from model to model, so if you want a tailored stairlift solution for your home, call us today, and we’ll find the best model for you.

We’ve been selling stairlifts for years and have a wide selection of new and second-hand stairlifts beyond the list you see in our shop.

Stairlift alternatives in Northampton, UK

Stairlift Alternatives

There are several stairlift alternatives Northampton residents can pick from, and each of them has their pros and cons:

Moving your loved ones downstairs

This is the simplest and most obvious option if you have enough space at home. Only some Northampton families can afford a lifestyle change this considerable, though.

Home Lifts

This option might require significant home modifications and costs more than a stairlift. This could be a good option for you if you can afford a home lift and major construction work that goes along with its installation.


External or internal ramps can be a suitable choice for wheelchairs or walkers.

Non-Slip Treads

If you’re concerned about slipping on your stairs and no major mobility issues are at play, these treads can provide extra traction without any complex home alterations.

As you can see, stairlift installation is a universal option to solve mobility issues without breaking the bank.

Let’s go over the specifics of buying stairlifts in Northampton, the top models to pick from, and what to expect during the purchase process.

Cost of Stairlifts in Northampton, UK

Cost of Stairlifts in Northampton

The average stairlift price in Northampton, UK, can range from £2,000 to £10,000, depending on the type and model you choose. This price also typically includes the installation cost.

Regarding the pricing of stairlifts in Northampton, UK, some factors come into play. These are the main factors you should keep in mind:

The shape of your staircase

A straight staircase is the simplest and least expensive in terms of stairlifts. On the other hand, a curved or complex staircase needs a more expensive model and costlier installation.

Installation & servicing

You also need to factor in installation and servicing costs. The best stairlift providers include installation in their pricing, but ongoing servicing and potential repairs (batteries, handles, rails) can add up over time.

Brand new vs reconditioned

The choice between purchasing a brand new stairlift, a reconditioned model, or even renting a stairlift, is where most Northampton residents save the most.

You can find the best stairlift for your home by browsing the reconditioned deals. Give us a call for the up-to-date model list.

Extra features

These are comfort and safety features that boost your stairlift price. Think remote controls and digital monitors, swivel seats, power hinges, or heavy-duty weight capacity, - all of that could also make your lift way more expensive. Pay attention to the type of model you’re getting - and make sure you need all the modern stuff on top of the basic features.

Sometimes initial stairlift prices might seem high, but you need to remember that investing in a stairlift can significantly improve your quality of life.

Stairlift grants in Northampton

Stairlift grants in Northampton

There are ways to get a stairlift for free in Northampton, although it's not as straightforward as simply applying and getting one.

Stairlifts on the NHS

Applying for a stairlift via the NHS involves an assessment process through social services who will need to evaluate your circumstances. If deemed eligible, you won't directly receive a stairlift. Instead, the NHS may support you with a grant through their Disabled Facilities Grant program. This helps cover installation costs of necessary home adaptations, like fitting a stairlift. However, please remember that NHS funds are limited and your chances are most probably not too high.

Stairlift charity grants

There actually are opportunities to get financial assistance for your stairlift installation beyond the NHS. One option is application to local charities and trust funds. Ranging from community-specific to mobility-focused charities, these grants can help you cover some of the stairlift costs. Also, council-based home improvement agencies and foundations like the British Legion or Age UK may offer grants for home adaptations like stairlifts.

Top stairlift models in Northampton, UK

Top stairlift models in Northampton, UK

If you are hunting for a top-quality stairlift in Northampton, consider these models:

Handicare 2000

This lift is loved for its customisable design that can fit any staircase, no matter how curved or narrow it is.

Bruno Elite

An American model that offers incredible reliability and user-friendly features.

ST 600

This stairlift is one of UK best sellers - it’s got a unique design and is built to last.

Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift

One of the best-selling direct-to-consumer models out there, thanks to its easy installation and classic design. We’ve been consistently getting great feedback for this model for years.

Elan Straight

A budget-friendly option with a reputation for durability and smooth operation.

Remember, good quality doesn't always need to be expensive. It's all about choosing a model that meets your needs and works well.

Our reconditioned stairlifts fit the description - so give us a call today and let us match you with the best lift for your home!

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