Second-Hand Stairlifts in the UK - Reconditioned Worth It in 2024?

Benefits of getting a second-hand stairlift

Second-Hand Stairlifts in the UK - If you're in the UK and have been considering the purchase of a stairlift, you might come across the idea of buying second-hand. This option seems attractive, particularly regarding the potential for cost savings.

After all, stairlifts can come with a hefty price tag when purchased brand new, so a preloved one can provide a more wallet-friendly alternative - just as long as the lift is in sound working order and has been diligently maintained.

Benefits of Second-Hand Stairlifts

Another great thing about getting a second-hand stairlift is that plenty of models are on the market, especially straight ones. Unless you're faced with unique or exceptionally narrow stairs, finding the right second-hand stairlift is relatively straightforward - we even have used models for curved stairs!

We’ve been selling affordable reconditioned stairlifts for years and have many refurbished and reconditioned stairlifts. Please browse our shop or give us a call for a consultation.

Stairlifts are traditionally designed with customisation in mind - UK home staircases can be truly unique at times. This means you might find a pre-owned stairlift that meets your specific requirements even more quickly than hunting for a brand-new one. Specific older models may even come equipped with features no longer found in the newer versions - a bonus feature that may benefit some people. Again, to snipe an excellent used stairlift like that - get in touch and let us find the suitable model for you.

Where to find second-hand stairlifts for sale near you

Affordable Second-Hand Stairlifts

If you're in the UK and hoping to discover the convenience of preloved stairlifts, you’ve got several options.

First, online platforms like Gumtree, Preloved, or eBay are decent starting points. Did you know each of these frequently features a dedicated section for mobility aids, including stairlifts? There is only one disadvantage - you can’t do due diligence and run quality control while buying second-hand stairlifts there.

A better option is to contact your local mobility equipment suppliers or dealers like Affordable Stairlifts. You might be pleasantly surprised to find how many preloved and well-serviced stairlifts we have in store.

We must mention our exceptional reconditioned Brooks stairlifts if you're searching for a bargain. These lift systems offer the same reliability and quality as any brand-new model but are more affordable. It's a terrific way to ensure safety and comfort in your home without breaking the bank.

Here’s what our reconditioned stairlifts get you:

  • Quality Checked: Our reconditioned stairlifts undergo a thorough checking and refurbishing process. They meet all the necessary standards and requirements and are as good as new.
  • Competitive Price: Reconditioned stairlifts are significantly cheaper than new ones. It does not compromise performance or reliability in any way.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: All our reconditioned Brooks stairlifts have a full warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Customer Support: Reconditioned or not, our products come with full customer support. If you have any questions or need assistance, we're here to help.

We service UK consumers nationwide, so give us a call today. Our friendly and experienced team can guide you through the process and our range of reconditioned models. It's an excellent opportunity to make an informed choice that suits your needs and budget.

How we recondition the stairlifts that we offer you

Stairlifts should be reconditioned through a thorough process that involves inspecting, repairing, and refurbishing various components.

The first step is a detailed inspection of the entire stairlift to identify any issues or areas that need attention. This includes checking the mechanical and electrical system

Second-Hand Stairlifts Disadvantages

s, upholstery, and other cosmetic elements. Any faulty or worn-out parts are then repaired or replaced to ensure optimal functionality and safety - this concerns motors, batteries, control panels, and other key components.

Once the repairs are complete, the stairlift is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, and the upholstery is often replaced or deep cleaned to give it a fresh look.

The reconditioning process ends with a thorough testing phase - we ensure every stairlift we offer works smoothly and meets all safety standards.

There are several things you need to expect with reconditioned UK stairlifts.

First, they may only sometimes incorporate the latest technological advancements or design improvements. While they are typically functional and safe, reconditioned models may lack certain features or enhancements that newer models offer.

Second, you may need help finding a specific model or a bespoke construction in stock. To help remedy that, we usually suggest a set of alternative models. If we have nothing in stock, we will put you on the waiting list, so the sooner you leave a request for a stairlift, the better.

Call us today, and let’s get you closer to the ideal stairlift for your home!

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