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When selecting a stairlift for your UK home, you may realise that you must choose a narrow stairlift model instead of the standard one. This post will help you understand the exact stairlift width needs and how to pick a slim model.

Narrow Stairlift

A staircase can be regarded as "narrow" if the width of the steps is less than the standard measurement established by building regulations.

According to the UK Government Building Regulations 2010, the 'go' (the central part of the tread a person steps on) of each step should ideally be at most 220mm, although this can be reduced to 200mm in private staircases. Staircases with a lesser 'go' than this minimum can be considered narrow staircases.

Other dimensions factor into this assessment. The ‘rise’ (the vertical distance between each step) should be 150mm and 220mm. Any rise significantly less than this can result in the staircase being labelled as "steep", which often goes hand in hand with being "narrow".

When working with stairlifts, you should also consider the overall width of the staircase and consider railings or fences if they are present. The average width of a standard staircase is about 860mm, so anything significantly less could be categorised as narrow.

Things to look for in narrow staircase lifts

Things to look in narrow staircase and narrow stairlift

If, based on the above criteria, you’ve decided that you need a narrow stairlift for your staircase, below is a list of things you should be looking for while looking at models online.

Slim rail design

There are stairlifts explicitly designed for narrow staircases, and our shops and warehouses have a wide selection of them. The slim rail design is a must - your stairlift should take up only a little space when in use and standby mode. The stairlift mustn’t obstruct your walkways for other family members.

Fold-away seats

Other features, such as fold-away seats, add much-needed space. When you're not using the stairlift, the heart should be able to be folded back, allowing for easier passage.
The less intrusive footrests are also a handy feature. Because the footrest is closer to the ground, it should not impede everyday pedestrian use of the stairs. The goal is an efficient stairlift that respects every available space, making your journey up and down the stairs as effortless and pleasant as possible.

Safety features

An excellent narrow stairlift model will maintain size and build for quality and safety. Look for all the industry standard features like safety belts, swivel seats, obstacle sensors, and a reliable battery to avoid accidents during power cuts.

Top narrow stairlift models

Top narrow stairlift models

TK Stairlift

We offer this model in a reconditioned option. The TK lift stands out of all narrow stairlifts and is one of the best-selling models for homes with tiny, curved staircases. Here’s why all of our customers who went for it have given great feedback:

  • This stairlift has been ingeniously designed to occupy minimal space, making it an ideal choice for narrow and confined spaces.
  • As a reconditioned model, the TK Stairlift has been meticulously inspected and tested to ensure it meets the standards of safety and reliability you would expect from a new unit. Thus, you benefit from high dependability but at a much-reduced price.
  • Despite its compactness, this stairlift does not compromise comfort and ease of use. It has a swivel seat and easy-to-use controls for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The TK Stairlift Reconditioned marries a slimline design, robust performance, and comfort.

Homeglide Extra

Another standout favourite in the UK is the Homeglide Extra stairlift. Compact and sleek, this model requires just a mere 63cm of staircase width.

It's smaller in size, however. With a reinforced swivel seat, it can hold up to 137 kilograms - which is remarkably sturdy for its size.

Stannah Stadler

This brilliantly crafted UK model is a blessing for those struggling with bending their knees. Distinctive for its perching style, the Sadler stairlift requires a minimum width of approximately 64 cm. It is tailored for narrow spaces and propounds comfort with an adjustable height mechanism (a feature handy for tall users).


Another top-tier choice for those navigating narrow staircases is the Brooks stairlift. This UK model exhibits an ultra-slimline design, requiring a staircase width of just 61 cm. Many of our customers also appreciated its simplicity and ease of use, which makes the stairlift an excellent option for those who favour straightforward and uncomplicated mechanisms.

How to find the best narrow stairlift model for you

If you’ve heard great reviews about a model and don’t see it represented in our shop - get in touch with us and inquire about it. We have many more stairlifts in our warehouses and constantly work on restocking and reconditioning them.

Once you give us a call, we'll be able to match you with a suitable model for your staircase, your health needs, and your budget.

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