Heavy-Duty Stairlifts in the UK for Heavier Individuals

Heavy Duty Stairlifts in the UK - If you or your loved ones suffer from limited mobility and substantial body weight, you may seek heavy-duty mobility aids. While there are some permanent solutions like home lifts, ramps, or even moving to another residence, stairlifts can still help, even if the supposed user is heavy.

Heavy-Duty Stairlift

There are many heavy-duty stairlifts on the UK market, and we at Affordable Stairlifts have sold thousands of devices to consumers nationwide.

With our experience and expertise, we know how to pick the suitable model for your home.

This article will be a checklist and help you find the ideal heavy-duty stairlift model for your mobility needs.

How are heavy-duty stairlifts made?

Heavy-duty stairlifts (called 'Bariatric stairlifts') are explicitly designed to carry heavier loads.

Unlike standard stairlifts, these models are engineered with a higher weight capacity, often over 190 kilograms (30 stone). Several criteria are necessary for a stairlift model to be considered heavy-duty.

How Heavy-Duty Stairlift Made

First, high-capacity stairlifts are constructed from premium, robust materials that do not bend, fold, or break under any circumstances.

This typically means all the essential elements are made of strengthened steel or aluminium frames that provide structural integrity.

Second, the design of these stairlifts supposes wider seats and reinforced padding designed to accommodate a more prominent person.

Third, the heavy-duty motors used in these stairlifts are more powerful, which allows them to lift smoothly and lower higher weights.

Most stairlift manufacturers prioritise safety, so their motors are extra powerful.

Usually, the track system that a stairlift rides on is also specially designed for increased durability and stability. It is often broader and thicker than standard versions, and the weight gets distributed equally thanks to the wider base.

On top of everything, the installation process for these stairlifts is rigorously regulated. Heavy-duty stairlifts need to be carefully fitted by certified technicians.

If you are shopping for a heavy-duty stairlift for your home, pay attention to these factors:

Weight Capacity

Study the specs and ensure the stairlift comfortably supports the user’s weight.

Size and Comfort

Please double-check that the seat, armrests, and footrests are sized appropriately.

Motor Strength

The motor should be capable of handling the user's weight without straining. If you’re not technical, go for top-of-the-line options.

Additional Features

There are additional features like key-switch operation, speed limiter, or an emergency stop button - these are designed to enhance safety. It’s usually worth it to pay a little extra for them.

After-sales Support

You can pick a company that offers a comprehensive warranty and reliable customer service.

If you’re lost in all the options and want to find the best solution for your needs, please call us today, and we’ll help you find a suitable model.

Heavy duty stairlift installation best practices

The installation process is as important as finding a suitable model because many can go wrong and endanger the stairlift user.

The first step is to take care of your staircase thoroughly. Measure each step's width, length, and size (the tread). Please pay attention to how sturdy your staircase is, and ask a professional installer if your actual staircase is strong enough to hold a high-capacity stairlift.

It’s also a good idea to look ahead and consider any possible future obstructions and modifications necessary to accommodate the stairlift. Sometimes, you need to relocate a handrail or reposition furniture.

Once you've assessed the physical space, please research and understand the specific features of the stairlift model you’ve got.

A lot can go wrong here, so considering professional installation is wise. A skilled technician, in most cases provided by the company you've purchased the lift from, ensures proper set-up so that it operates at its best and promises longevity.

Top heavy-duty stairlift models

Top heavy-duty stairlift models

Consider the following best-selling models of stairlifts explicitly designed for heavier individuals in the UK.

Bruno Elite Straight Stairlift

From Affordable Stairlifts, this model is famous for its exceptional stability and smooth ride. It has a lift capacity of up to 190 kg, a generous seat size, and multiple height adjustments.

Bruno Elite also features a visual-coded diagnostics system, continuous charge strips along the rail, and a footrest linked with the seat to offer comfort and ease of use.

The two remote controls facilitate easy calling and parking of the lift.

Acorn Sit-Stand stairlift

This heavy-duty model from Acorn Stairlifts can take up to 158 kg and has an extended seat for maximum convenience. Moreover, the built-in directional indicator offers a comfortable ride, while the fast-folding hinge design minimises obstructions.

ST 600 stairlift

Capable of transporting up to 160 kg, this model by Stannah offers adjustable seat height, customisable upholstery, and a retractable seatbelt for added safety.

With its power swivel option, getting on and off at the foot of the stairs is smooth and effortless.

Handicare 1100 straight

This powerful stairlift can carry up to 140 kg and is suitable for varied staircase shapes. Handicare 1100 offers a broad range of upholstery choices to match any interior, plus an option for automatic footrest linkage.

These are engineered explicitly for heavier users, and we’ve been offering them to UK consumers for years.

Please keep in mind, however, that only some models we have are listed in our shop, so please make sure you call us - we will match you with the ideal stairlift model for your needs.

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