Fast Stairlift Installations: How We Balance Speed, Cost, & Quality

Fast Stairlift Installations

Fast stairlifts installations: We've been selling stairlifts nationwide in the UK for years, and we know that every excellent stairlift deal balances several factors.

The most essential components of our customer satisfaction are costs, the stairlift features, and, unsurprisingly, the installation speed.

Most UK stairlift consumers we've consulted wanted their devices installed as quickly as possible, and we constantly receive requests for same-day and next-day installations.

Here's what getting a Fast Stairlift Installations means in practice.

Can you get a same-day stairlift installation in the UK

same-day stairlift installation in the UK

First, yes, you can get a stairlift in just one day.

But as always, it's nuanced.

Companies offer expedited services to meet urgent mobility needs. These services are designed to provide fast, hands-free assistance, and service members charge a markup.

Here's how same-day installations can be made possible:

Streamlined assessments

Since the stairlift installation process typically begins with a quick assessment of the staircase and the user's specific needs, many fast-tracking companies have streamlined this assessment phase to ensure it can be completed within a few hours.

Standard models

Next, the stairlift model must be standard, a popular size and feature set.

Any fast stairlift installation is almost always a basic model.

Professional staff

The skills of the technicians trained to perform quick and efficient installations matter a lot.

The professionals are often on standby to respond to urgent requests, so that is also a factor that raises the costs.

In other words - you can fast-track stairlifts in the UK. The services are beneficial if you have experienced a sudden change in your mobility status due to injury or surgery. Still, you need to expect to pay more for faster stairlifts.

Companies that offer same-day or next-day installation services are typically well-prepared to expedite the process. They have a stock of standard stair lifts and a team of experienced installers ready to deploy. This allows them to provide rapid service without compromising quality or safety - but the costs will be higher.

Call us now to get first-hand information (we've been selling stairlifts for years) on the best models for fast-tracked installation.

When is a same-day stairlift not possible?

When is a same-day stairlift not possible

While same-day stairlift installations are possible, availability can vary depending on location, the complexity of the staircase, and the user's specific needs.

Complex staircases

Some staircases may require more intricate customization, which could extend the installation time beyond a single day.

Unique preferences

Heavy-duty stairlifts, standing lifts, lifts that can be controlled by people with disabilities, and so on can sometimes take several days to source, prepare, and install.

Budget constraints

Fast-tracked stairlifts are not cheap, so if you are looking for a better deal on a stairlift for your home, be prepared that it will not be installed the next day.

The fastest-to-install stairlift models

The fastest-to-install stairlift models

When it comes to fast installation, straight stairlifts are typically the quickest to set up.

Handicare & ST

Models like the Handicare 1100 and the Stannah Siena are designed for straightforward staircases and can often be installed within a few hours.

Their simplicity and modular design make it possible to install them ASAP.

Acorn 130

Another model known for its swift installation is the Acorn 130 - the manufacturer even has the famous FastTrack program to back their claims.

This stairlift is engineered with a modular rail system that can be easily assembled and fitted to most straight staircases.

Its user-friendly design and minimal customization requirements make it popular for same-day and next-day stairlift installations.


The Handicare Freecurve is one of the faster options for curved staircases.

Although curved stairlifts generally take longer to install due to their custom tracks, the Freecurve's innovative design and pre-manufactured components can significantly reduce installation time compared to other curved models.

If you need a stairlift for outdoor use, the Brooks 130 Outdoor model is designed for rapid installation.

Like its indoor counterpart, this model benefits from a straightforward rail system and weather-resistant features, making it quick to install and durable.

Is any specific stairlift model worth waiting for?

Is any specific stairlift model worth waiting for

Fast Stairlift Installations: Sometimes, stairlift vendors will make you wait for a specific model that may not be in stock.

Yet the sales reps will keep telling you that the model best fits you.

You need to be very aware of your needs and other models on the market - you can often get a device with the same features from another brand.

Our professionals can consult you on the best stairlifts for your needs, so call us today. We will help you pick the best option for your home.

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