Brooks/Acorn Stairlifts Demystified: Features, Installation, Top Picks

If you're in the market for a high-quality and durable stairlift, you have come across the brand name Brooks Stairlifts. Their stairlifts are also often labelled Acorn - and you are bound to see Brooks / Acorn stairlifts in literally any UK stairlift provider’s shop.


Brooks vs Acorn?

Acorn and Brooks stairlifts are the same products; the difference in branding comes from how the models are sold. Acorn are the stairlifts sold directly to the public, and Brooks is the label used for stairlifts that sell through the company dealer network.

Brand History

Brooks Stairlifts boasts of a rich history that dates back to 1972. This brand is steeped in tradition and has a long-standing reputation for creating classic, durable stairlifts. They prioritise simplicity with a 'keep it simple' philosophy. Hence, they strip back their models to the essentials, ensuring each stairlift is straightforward, reliable and easy to use.

Founded by Frederick Brooks after he witnessed his wife struggling with the stairs due to her rheumatoid arthritis, Brooks Stairlifts is a brand born out of compassion and an understanding of people's needs.

Brooks/Acorn Features and Benefits

Brooks/Acorn Features and Benefits

Numerous features set Brooks Stairlifts apart, but let's highlight the most significant ones -

Padded swivel seats and backrest for maximum comfort:

  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Optional hinged rail designed for tight spaces
  • Safety sensors and a safety belt that ensure safe rides
  • Modern batteries with reserves enough to last through power outages
  • Smart self-diagnostic system that immediately alerts you if there's a problem

When it comes to installation, most Brooks Stairlifts can be installed within several hours, and they do not require any significant modifications to your staircase. Acorn stairlifts use a unique rail system that goes onto the stairs without using the wall. This helps avoid potential damage to your home during installation and removal.

Top Brooks/Acorn stairlift models

Top Brooks/Acorn stairlift models

Brooks/Acorn 130

First up, we have the Brooks 130 Straight Stairlift. This model is a fantastic choice for straight staircases with no bends or curves.
Brooks 130 has a comfortable seat and easy-to-use controls and is very easy to navigate, even for a non-techie person. It’s a classic model that can be named one of the most popular UK stairlifts - and we have it in stock in both new and reconditioned options.

Brooks/Acorn sit-stand

As you can see from the name, the Sit/Stand stairlift is a versatile model that lets you use the stairlift in both seated and standing positions. We have previously explained what standing stairlifts are - and if you don’t need to be standing 100% of the time or have several stairlift users in one household, the sit/stand stairlift by Brooks is a fantastic option.

Acorn 180 Curved

The Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift is another time-tested model from Brooks. This stairlift is ideal for more complex staircases with turns and curves.
Professional installers can tailor it to fit any staircase perfectly, and the lift takes little space when not in use. No matter how curved or narrow your stairs are, Acorn 180 will fit into it.

Where to buy Brooks stairlifts

Where to buy Brooks stairlifts

There are several ways to go here, and each option has pros and cons.

Let’s go over each way of buying your Brooks stairlift -

Brooks Stairlift's official website

The manufacturer's official website is the most obvious starting point for your shopping. However, the ordering process is not as straightforward - you must fill out a form and wait for the company rep to send you a brochure.

Another downside is that Brooks only sells their stairlifts on their website, and you cannot compare pricing and models with those of other companies. Remember, even though Brooks is reliable and versatile, you must get a suitable model for your home and budget. For comparison, when you give us at Affordable Stairlifts a call, our consultants will suggest several optimal models for your needs.

Local Mobility Shops

Local mobility shops can be an excellent option for procuring Brooks and Acorn stairlifts. Online portals may have less extensive a range than online portals, but the benefit of a physical store means you could try the lifts and see how they feel.

Affordable Stairlifts

Affordable Stairlifts

Our expertise, stock availability, and commitment to quality make Affordable Stairlifts a fail-safe way to shop for a Brooks/Acorn model.

First and foremost, we pride ourselves on our specially reconditioned Brooks stairlifts. Our technicians meticulously service every stairlift to make them safe, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. Reconditioned stairlifts cost less than new ones - and you get our expertise to go with your lift.

Additionally, we host a vast inventory of stairlifts. Whether you need a straight or curved model and are willing to explore other manufacturers, our consultants can suggest many options. Plenty of Brooks stairlifts are available at any given time for immediate delivery and installation, so you will be able to move quickly.

Call us now, and let’s find the best stairlift for your home!

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