Best Stairlifts UK - Buying Tips in the 2024

Best Stairlifts UK - Every year, more and more UK consumers start having mobility issues that affect their ability to go up and down the stairs. Ignoring these new special needs is dangerous.

There are close to 1,000 stair accident-related deaths and over 43000 hospitalisations. If you or your loved ones have trouble using the stairs, you should treat the issue seriously.

Best Stairlifts UK - Buying Tips in the 2023

Investing in a stairlift is a great way to ensure your comfort and safety - and in this post, we’ll help you pick the best stairlift model for your home.

The average cost of a stairlift in the UK ranges roughly from £1,000 to £10,000, and the pricing gets nuanced depending on the model, stairlift weight capacity, and your unique mobility needs.

Most high-end stairlifts can be sold back to a stairlift company for reconditioning, so you need a durable and lasting model.

What makes a suitable stairlift?

What makes suitable stairlift

Ideally, the best stairlift for your home should be comfortable and easy to use.

Please look at the seat's shape and padding and whether it swivels can be easily dismounted at the top of your stairs. The stairlift should also be ergonomically designed to provide optimal support, especially if you struggle with arthritis or similar conditions. Even the slightest inconvenience can make a huge difference.

Beyond comfort, pay attention to the safety measures built into your lift. The best stairlift should offer seatbelts, safety sensors, and lockable controls that prevent unsupervised use.

Our shop's models are tested for safety, and we prioritise it over aesthetics.

The stairlift you pick should function without any breakdowns and have a backup battery system to ensure you finish your ride during a power cut. A stair lift is a high-risk piece of equipment that you need to be able to trust.

While shopping for a stairlift, pay close attention to its maximum weight capacity and noise levels.

We constantly monitor the market and local offers and have many models in stock. Please call us today if you'd like to be matched with the best option for your home.

Best Straight Stairlifts UK

Best Straight stairlifts in the UK

Based on years of selling stairlifts, we have identified the following top five makes and models as the best in the market for 2024:

Acorn 130 Straight Stairlift

The Acorn 130 gets you a smooth ride every time, and most UK consumers know it as a dependable and user-friendly model. This stairlift is also very easy to install. There are no jarring movements or bumps to worry about. Thousands of users trust this model, and we consistently get good reviews.

Its user-friendly design is another noteworthy feature that sets the Acorn 130 apart from others. The build is simple and intuitive and works for all skill levels, from the tech-savvy to those less comfortable with technology.

Besides, remember that Acorn is already an industry leader in the UK stairlift market. This means you're purchasing a product from a trusted and reputable brand. They have a history of providing consistent quality, so you know the Acorn 130 is a product built to last.

Stannah Siena 600

As one of the most popular stairlifts in the UK, the Stannah Siena 600 wins points for comfort, durability, and an array of upholstery options to suit varying interior designs. It’s also one of the stairlift models we recommend for heavier users.

Handicare 1100

The Handicare 1100 model has an ultra-slim design that leaves plenty of open space on your staircase. Its friction drive system (as opposed to traditional rack and pinion) gives you a quiet, smooth trip up and down.

Remember to consider your specific needs, budget, and staircase dimensions when choosing your stairlift. A stairlift should integrate well with your home decor and lifestyle.

Best Curved Stairlifts UK

Best Curved stairlifts in the UK

If you have a curved staircase or another odd shape, you must find the best-curved stairlift model for your home.

Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift

Acorn's 180-curved staircase lift features innovative technology for multi-level homes featuring spiral, quarter or half-landings. What makes this model particularly noteworthy is its flexibility; it can fit almost any staircase shape or size.

Focused on enhancing the user experience, the Acorn 180 stairlift uses a Smart Level technology. This unique feature provides a smooth and automatic levelling ride regardless of the complexity of the stairs in your home.

Whenever you are not using the stairlift, its seat, arms, and footrest can be folded back, which saves considerable space, making it a discreet and versatile option for any home.

The Acorn 180's dual power option adds another level of safety to the stairlift. With this model, power outages will no longer cause inconvenience or disruption to your movement.

Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift well deserves its position as one of the best choices for stairlifts in the UK, or perhaps, one might even argue, the world.

Brooks Curved Stairlift

Living up to its well-deserved reputation, Brooks has created a bespoke solution for curved staircases engineered for smooth and quiet operation. Its user-centric design focuses on providing a safe and comfortable journey upstairs.

Handicare 2000 Twin Rail Stairlift

This particular model is famous for its adaptability. Thanks to its innovative twin rail system, it can easily manoeuvre around tightly winding stairs or those with multiple landings.

Additionally, the Handicare 2000 model exhibits excellence in safety - it is equipped with safety sensors that immediately halt movement when they detect an obstruction.

Moreover, this stairlift houses many user-friendly features, such as an easy-to-use joystick and two remote controls, allowing it to be called from different floors.

How do you find the best stairlifts UK?

How do you find the best stairlift?

Shopping for a stairlift can be confusing, and some things can go wrong.

Here’s a list of pointers on how to avoid common mistakes when shopping for the best model.

Overlooking professional installation

It's tempting to try and save costs by setting up the stairlift yourself or using an inexperienced installer. Unfortunately, DIY or simple attempts frequently result in an incorrectly installed stairlift, leading to many problems, not to mention safety risks.

Ignoring your specific requirements

Different users have different needs; some may need a standing stairlift, while others may require a seated model, depending on their mobility issues. Overlooking these requirements could result in an uncomfortable and impractical stairlift.

Not thinking long-term

Very often, a stairlift is necessary due to a progressive condition that may worsen over time. It’s advisable not just to think of the user's needs now but also in the future. -

Choosing the cheapest option

The cheapest stairlifts are tempting but are only sometimes your best options. The quality, functionality, safety features and after-sales support play a significant role in deciding the value of a stairlift. That is why we recommend avoiding suspiciously cheap stairlift deals.

Where to get the best stairlift in the UK

Where to get the best stairlift in the UK

There are several ways to go while sourcing your stairlift.

One option is to visit specialised mobility equipment retailers. These stores often have a wide range of stairlift models available for demonstration, so you can try them out and see which one suits your needs best. The downside is you may not have a retailer like that nearby.

Another option is to explore online marketplaces and websites specialising in selling stairlifts. These platforms often offer a fantastic selection of stairlift models from various manufacturers. However, ensuring you’re working with an authorised marketplace would be best.

Sometimes, the best way to go is to consult healthcare professionals or occupational therapists with experience working with mobility-challenged consumers. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations on where to find the best stairlifts in the UK.

We at Affordable Stairlifts have been selling stairlifts for years and have helped thousands of UK homes install this mobility device. We scour the market for the most reliable, user-friendly, and affordable options and always have a wide selection. Call us today and find the best stairlift model for your UK home!

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